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WATER HEATERS Circulating or tank.

Manually controlled type usually connected to the ordinary hot water tank.


A water supply pipe or system of pipes, installed and maintained by a city, township, county, public utility company or other public entity, on public property, in the street or in an approved dedicated easement of public or community use.


A discharge opening through which water is supplied to a fixture, into the atmosphere (except into an open tank that is part of the water supply system), to a boiler or heating system, or to any devices or equipment requiring water to operate but which are not part of the plumbing system.


A water supply pipe that extends one full story or more to convey water to branches or to a group of fixtures.

Water service pipe

The pipe from the water main or other source of potable water supply, or from the meter when the meter is at the public right of way, to the water distribution system of the building served.


The water service pipe, water distribution pipes, and the necessary connecting pipes, fittings, control valves and all appurtenances in or adjacent to the structure or premises. The flow of water or other liquids, mixtures or substances into the distribution pipes of a potable water supply from any source except the intended source


A toilet bowl gasket designed to form a seal between the toilet base and the floor or closet flange. It typically fits over either a 3" or 4" outlet, is wide enough to fill modest gaps.

WELL - Bored

A well constructed by boring a hole in the ground with an auger and installing a casing.

WELL - Drilled

A well constructed by making a hole in the ground with a drilling machine of any type and installing casing and screen.

WELL - Driven

A well constructed by driving a pipe in the ground. The drive pipe is usually fitted with a well point and screen.

WELL - Dug

A well constructed by excavating a large diameter shaft and installing a casing.


A plumbing appliance consisting of a bathtub fixture that is equipped and fitted with a circulating piping system designed to accept, circulate and discharge bathtub water upon each use.



The section of consumers' piping and fittings extending from the point of delivery to the house piping.


A pipe connecting upward from a soil or waste stack to a vent stack for the purpose of preventing pressure changes in the stacks.

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